Our primary objective is to help manage energy consumption
and operational utility costs in industrial and commercial facilities to realise financial savings,
growth of asset values, and market differentiation improvements for one’s property portfolio.

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Able-Energy offers a wide range of services in the field of energy management. Our services are geared towards assisting our clients to pro-actively manage energy usage in order to realise real and quantifiable savings.The table below describes our services and core areas of expertise available within our organisation.

These services and areas of expertise are all directed towards finding reliable and sustainable energy solutions specifically tailored for different sectors of business environments and/or backgrounds:

Energy efficiency Development of energy management business cases
Monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
Monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
Verification of energy performance
Energy audits and assessments
Baseline development
Measurement and Verification
Maximum demand control
Design and implementation of retrofit solutions e.g. Efficient lighting & lighting controls
Tariff analysis
Power factor
Energy performance tracking
Development & implementation of an energy management plan
Metering solutions
Installation and commissioning of an energy management system
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Online monitoring and control
Thermal Storage System
Utilities Management and Billing Invoice processing
Bill payment
Historical cost tracking
Seasonal energy usage
Operations and shifts
Invoice validation
Recovery of incorrect charges
Enterprise Internet of Things Create smart buildings by uniting disparate facility systems into an integrated whole
Monitor multiple building systems and properties at once
Provides building operations visibility,automated fault detection and centralizedmonitoring and control of energy consumption
Unifies capabilities to control, monitor, and manage a multitude of energy related applications in the building environment
Manage and control temperatures, ventilation, lighting, access, etc. from offsite or remotely
Creation of a smart buildings strategy through partly unification of control and managing of a multitude of energy related applications from lighting to thermostats to CO2 sensors
Renewable Energy Solutions(Solar PV(SCEG) and Solar Water Heaters) Development of renewable energy business cases
Procurement of equipment
Pre-installation site assessments
Installation of renewable energy solutions
Operation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions

Integrated and Interoperable Energy and Utilities Management Model

Download Energy Management Model

Additional Solutions

Electrical Solutions

Below are technical electrical work areas that Able-Energy covers in support or complementary to the organisations high quality energy management products. Accredited personnel with vast experience on the field head the electrical team. Work areas include:

  1. Certificate of compliance (COC)
  2. Minor and major reticulation
  3. Electrification
  4. Sub-station building and maintenance
  5. Supply, install, fault finding and repair of HT & LT cables- Electrical infrastructure installation & maintenance
  6. Pressure testing of cable & equipment
  7. Cable tracing / cable joining/ termination (HV & LV)
  8. Transformers supply & replacement
  9. Networks reticulation & maintenance of high & maintenance of overhead & underground electrical network